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It's been awhile eh?

2011-01-16 12:56:10 by BenjaminHeels

So now i've got more time for writing music, stuck on what genre to write, and whenever i write something im never sure what genre it goes under. I just uploaded a longer version of "Rain", i've been fiddling around with the chord progressions for awhile, F# is a pain to write in. Hope to hear from people about new music and such,
--Benjamin Heels

Logic 8

2010-01-26 06:04:30 by BenjaminHeels

I've started to get used to working with logic. Still trying to figure out how everything works, syncing tempos between 2 songs, etc. If you rate my audio, please tell me why you rate it that way. I don't like getting 3's and 2's with no explanation.